I built my first website in 2004—and, looking back on it, it was an absolute disaster.

I had no idea what I was doing, of course; I just sort of pieced everything together and got it to work. Back then, I didn't know a website shouldn't be built entirely from images, I had no idea what CSS was, and I thought HTML was just something Dreamweaver generated.

None of that really matters now. What matters is that the experience—clunky and faltering as it was—ignited in me an enduring passion for building well-designed, well-engineered websites.

These days, I’m a senior front-end developer for a major digital agency in San Francisco, managing a team of six. I’ve worked with clients from Apple to Travelocity to American Express, and I pride myself on delivering top-notch interactive solutions that harness the best of what the web is capable of today.

With a graphic design degree and a background in nuclear engineering for the U.S. Navy, I didn’t exactly take the most obvious path here, but I’d like to think that only makes me a little more interesting. My art education gave me a keen eye for detail and an appreciation for visual appeal, while my engineering background instilled in me an inherent need to understand why things work, the ability to work through troubleshooting problems in a logical manner, and a wholesome discipline that makes it impossible for me to give up until the job is done.

You can see my resume here and my Linked In profile here.